Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to pay anything ?
No, the application is completely FREE. We just ask for donations of any amount if you find it beneficial for your organization.

Q: How can this be free ?
There is a major need for this type of application in churches and non-profits. Unfortunately, many of those organizations cannot afford to make a monthly or annual payment commitment. Making the application free allows ALL organizations to use this application. We just ask those who are able to afford it, to consider making donations of any amount to help us keep it active.

Q: What makes different from other scheduling apps ?
In a word, 'Automation'; while most apps require organizers to log in to schedule and notify the needed volunteers for each activity/event, the app automatically schedules the appropriate volunteers and then sends email/text notifications days before the event date. Additionally, the app automatically finds substitutes when volunteers decline assignments.

Q: What do your users mostly complain about concerning the application; and how are you addressing those issues ?
The complexity of the initial setup and user interface.
The application is packed with many features and built to be very flexible for different organization types. As a result, completing the initial setup requires a few steps.
We are here to help throughout the process. In some cases, admins have sent us the necessary details so that we can setup for them. Additionally, we are constantly making updates to help make the setup process easier.

Q: Do you have a demo account I can use to evaluate the application ?
Yes, you will need to register, create an organization and a location in order to see the create demo option.
Clicking on the 'Activate DEMO' button on the 'Manage Location' page sets up a demo with test users, activity, and workgroup. The demo creates schedules for a 4 week period.

Q: Do you offer technical support ?
Absolutely, we are available by e-mail. Most inquiries are responded to within 24-48 hours.

Q: I have very little time to learn a new application and complete the initial data entry, do you offer help for the initial setup ?
yes, we are available to help in anyway possible. If you are unsure of how to get started or just simply need help to begin, please contact us.

Q: What if I prefer to create schedules manually, does the application allow that ?
Yes, although we certainly hope you try the automated scheduling feature, the application is designed to also allow organizers to create schedules manually.

Q: Can volunteers swap assignments with other volunteers ?
Yes, volunteers can swap assignments with other volunteers who have the same skills. This option can be disabled for each workgroup.

Q: How does the auto-substitution process work ?
The auto-sub process is executed when a volunteer declines an assignment. The system schedules the next available volunteer who has the needed skill. If that next volunteer also declines, the process continues until there are no available volunteers remaining. At this point, the administrator is contacted to intervene. This option can be disabled for each workgroup.

Q: I am concerned about last hour cancellations, how does the application handle that ?
We have an option for each workgroup that allows administrators to specify number of days before each Activity date where the option to decline assignments should be disabled. Volunteers will either have to swap assignments or contact an administrator/team lead to be removed from an assignment.

Q: Is there any software to install ?
No, the application is completely web-based. It can be accessed from any browser with internet access.

Q: Do you support a Church with multiple branches ?
Yes, the application was designed to support organizations with multiple locations

Q: How does the texting feature work?
Volunteers are able to accept or decline assignments by responding "YES" or "NO" to text reminders. They are also able to check their schedules by texting "Schedule" to 1-845-37-Serve(73783) or

Q: Is there an additional cost for using the text messaging feature?
No, although does incur a charge for every text message we send out, we do not pass that cost to our organizations.
Please note, the texting feature is currently only supported in the United States and Canada. International organizations interested in texting can contact us about enabling this feature.

Q: Can the application be accessed from my website?
Yes, you can embed a custom login page that is uniquely generated for each organization within your website so that volunteers do not have to leave your site to access schedules.

Q: Are there different user roles?
Yes, the application is setup to allow admin roles from Organization admin to Workgroup Instance admin (admin over 1 group on a specific date). See more details on the Help page

Q: Is there a limit on the number of Activities/Events I can create ?
No, you can create unlimited Activities/Events.

Q: How often does the auto-scheduling engine run?
The scheduling engine runs every 20 to 30 minutes.

Q: Can I make changes to the schedule after the auto-scheduling engine runs?
Yes, you can modify the schedule manually. Additionally, you can choose to manually create some schedules if needed.

Q: How long does the scheduling engine take to create schedules?
This depends on the number of volunteers, rules and overall level of complexity of the setup. Generally, the time span can range from a few minutes to several hours

Q: Can the application schedule groups sequentially ?
Yes, the workgroups within the application can handle teams that need to be scheduled in sequential order. So for instance, the system can schedule Team A every 1st Sunday, Team B every 2nd Sunday, Team C every 3rd Sunday and so on...

Q: How can my volunteers sign up?
Administrators can sign up volunteers or volunteers can register themselves from the website.

Q: What if I prefer for volunteers to sign up themselves for specific team schedules, is that possible?
Yes, you can disable the auto-scheduling engine for the specific workgroups and enable the 'signuponly' option.

Q: Can I add volunteers who do not have email addresses?
Yes, the application allows for adding users who do not have email accounts.

Q: Can I sync my schedule with external calendars via ical feed so that I do not always have to login to view my assignments ?
Yes, the profile page for each user contains a custom iCal url that can be added to external calendars.

Q: Can I upload files ?
Although we do not currently support file uploads, it is on our feature enhancement list.

Q: Can I import user accounts ?
Yes, just send us a spreadsheet with the following fields [Firstname, Lastname, email, mobile number, gender].
Our import scripts take only a few minutes to complete.

Q: Can the adverstisement banners be removed for my Organization ?
Yes, with an annual donation of $100 or more for each Location, we disable Ads from being displayed on the app for your users.