About Us

ChurchScheduling is a collaborative effort consisting of a group of software developers who have decided to build a powerful, fully automated, easy to use, flexible Church/Volunteer scheduling application.

Much like most of our users, we are also volunteers.
The idea for the church scheduling application came from our realization that keeping helpers/volunteers organized and informed should be much easier.

As we researched the subject more, we found that a lot of other Churches and other Volunteer organizations had the same concerns/drawbacks.
Additionally, we also found that potential volunteers tend to hold back on volunteering out of concern that they will not have the time to dedicate to their organization.
The ChurchScheduling application has been designed to address those concerns.
We spent many hours over several months reviewing different aspects of volunteering from different view points (team leaders, volunteers).
Once we settled on the pertinent criteria, we looked for programmatic solutions to a lot of tasks that have typically been completed manually.

Since we all already have day jobs, we started working on the new application on a part-time basis.
We have been blessed by the positive feedback that has been received thus far.
It drives us to work even harder to make the Church scheduling process easier than ever.

Our long term goal is to partner with organizations, that sign up to use our application, to give back to charities and missions work around the globe.

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