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The application hierarchy is as follows:

  • Organization
  • Location – a specific branch of the organization
  • Activity/Event – the service or event that needs to be planned and scheduled (i.e. Sunday 1st Service)
    -> Activity Workgroup – the skill group needed for the Activities (i.e. Sanctuary Ushers, Parking lot Ushers, etc.)
  • Activity Instance – specific date and time for the Activity (i.e. Sunday 1st Service on December 25th, 2013)
  • Activity Instance Workgroup – specific workgroup for the Activity Instance (i.e. Sanctuary Ushers on December 25th, 2013)

The Auto-Scheduler makes a copy of the Activity and its workgroups in order to create each Activity Instance and its Activity Instance workgroups. This feature allows flexibility for the organizer(s) to modify Activity Instances separately from what is defined for the Activity if needed.

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