Secondary SMS/Text reminder

By on July 30, 2015 in updates
  •  Workgroup rule to consider gender when scheduling  – we have added the ability to consider a volunteer’s gender when scheduling.
    • This option is available in Workgroup rules/preferences.
      • This rule was created to accommodate Church Nurseries that are required to have a female present when males are assigned.
  • Skill summary page – The skill summary page was created to allow admins to have a general view of all skill persons and workgroups. The page also displays all the users who have expressed interest in skills. The option can be found on the ‘Manage Skills” page.
  • Secondary SMS reminder from Workgroups – The secondary text reminder was created to allow admins the flexibility to send at least 2 text reminders to volunteers assigned to particular workgroups. The option can be found on the details section of the  “Edit Workgroup” page. (sms reminders are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada)
  • Move Workgroup from Activity – This feature was created to allow the flexibility to migrate a Workgroup from one Activity to another Activity. Please be aware that any prior schedules created for the Workgroup will be deleted during the migration.

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