January 2017 updates

By support@churchscheduling.com on January 1, 2017 in updates
A few new features have been added to the churchscheduling.com application.
  • Auto Decline Assignments – we have added the ability to automatically decline assignments if users do not respond in a specified time frame.
    • The auto-decline option is available at the Workgroup level.
    • Users who do not respond to assignments within a specified time frame will be automatically removed.
    • Please use this feature with caution; it may not be necessary for all your Workgroups.
      • This feature was added because some admins suggested that certain Workgroups required confirmation before the Event/Instance date.
  • Specify days to not send email reminders – admins can now specify days of the week when email reminders should not be sent.
    • This option is helpful for any admin who prefers to not have users receive email reminders on Event/Instance days.

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